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This website is currently undergoing maintenance. For information about the BReaD Network, or our other responses in Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji and Myanmar please do get in touch.


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  • courtesy of Israel Baptist Church

    Ecuador: Earthquake, 2016

    Earthquake, Latin America

    Layer 1

    Ecuador: Earthquake, 2016

    Category: Earthquake, Latin America

    The death toll from the 16 April earthquake stands at 660. 4,600 people have been injured,  and around 29,000 people have been displaced. Some 350,000 people have been affected, with Manabí and Esmeraldas provinces the most affected. WASH and shelter are priority needs.

    We are currently supporting our partners on the ground as they provide immediate relief items (food packages and medicine kits) to 1,000 families. Initial support included personnel on the ground assisting with assessments, procurement and distribution. In addition, they will be able attending training in order for them to continue their response and increase preparedness for future situations should they arise.

    We continue to stand with and pray for the people of Ecuador following several large aftershocks that have occurred.

    Please email for further details.

    Updated: 19/05/16

  • Brother Timoci of the Baptist Fellowship

    Fiji: Cyclone Winston, 2016

    Cyclone, Pacific

    Layer 1

    Fiji: Cyclone Winston, 2016

    Category: Cyclone, Pacific

    On 20th February 2016, Cyclone Winston was the strongest cyclone to make landfall in the South Pacific since records began. Its full impact was felt in Fiji where it destroyed houses, flooded rivers, damaged agriculture and brought down trees and powerlines.

    The BReaD Network was able to support the communities through two local partners. The secondment of a consultant to support the local convention enabled them to undertake assessments and develop a relief plan.

    Emergency provisions were able to be distributed and a longer term response is looking at reconstruction of damaged buildings, capacity strengthening and psychosocial support.

  • Ethiopia map of drought areas

    Ethiopia: Drought, 2016

    Africa, Drought

    Layer 1
    Ethiopia map of drought areas

    Ethiopia: Drought, 2016

    Category: Africa, Drought

    In 2015, the Government of Ethiopia declared a slow-onset natural disaster due to failed rains attributed to the El Nino effect. Ethiopia is already very food-insecure and the situation has worsened over the months since the Government declaration.

    Whilst emergency food support is required, there is also a need to build up resilience given the enduring cycles of drought that Ethiopia faces.

    The BReaD Network is working with local partners and Churches in order to build up this resilience through strengthening and growing Sustainable Living Teams (SLTs are simple savings and credit associations); improving WASH facilities and increasing the use of disaster risk management practices through a network of approximately 600 SLTs with nearly 78,000 beneficiaries.”

  • Flooding - Minbya, Myanmar 2015

    Myanmar: Flooding, 2015

    Asia, Flooding

    Layer 1

    Myanmar: Flooding, 2015

    Category: Asia, Flooding

    In the summer of 2015, monsoon rains combined with the onset of Cyclone Komen caused major floods and landslides across 12 of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions affecting over 259,000 people.

    Over 39,000 households were displaced and 520,000 acres of farmland were damaged. Rakhine state, Chin state, Sagaing Division and Magway region were heavily affected and they were declared natural disaster zones by the government.

    Urgent needs were food, shelter, and non-food items. In the longer term, the focus would be on reconstruction and repair of houses as well as restoration of livelihoods. The disasters also disrupted planting season and as a result posed a threat to food security for many years to follow.

    The Myanmar Baptist Convention was supported by the BReaD Network to distribute relief packages that included rice, yellow beans, cooking oil, salt and canned fish. The convention also organised health checks for a number of towns.

    The recovery process is still ongoing, with programmes being developed alongside the delivery of disaster risk reduction training for local leaders.

  • Destroyed buildings in Kathmandu

    Nepal: Earthquakes, 2015

    Asia, Earthquake

    Layer 1

    Nepal: Earthquakes, 2015

    Category: Asia, Earthquake

    Last year Nepal was struck by two large earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks from the 25th April onwards. Many communities across the country were devastated.

    More than 8,700 people were killed, 100,000 people injured with 750,000 houses damaged or destroyed. Alongside the earthquakes, Nepal has faced a crippling fuel blockade and seen a new and controversial constitution adopted.

    The BReaD Network has responded extensively to the situation in Nepal following the earthquakes in April and May 2015 through several longstanding partners. Not only through funding, but with capacity support, advice, and pastoral support for personnel. The Network has been able to contribute over $1.5 million to the overall response, supporting thousands of families in the process. Over the next two – five years our partners are enabling communities to redevelop livelihoods, construct earthquake resistant housing and access health and education services.

    Reports and Updates (click to view):

  • Cyclone Pam destruction - picture courtesy of Act for Peace - TAI's partner through Vanuatu Christian Council

    Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam, 2015

    Cyclone, Pacific

    Layer 1

    Vanuatu: Cyclone Pam, 2015

    Category: Cyclone, Pacific

    Last year when Cyclone Pam struck Vanuatu on 13th March 2015 communities across the island nation were devastated. It was one of the worst natural disasters the country has ever seen.

    Overnight more than 100,000 people were made homeless, 11 people died and many agricultural communities lost their only source of food and income. Without immediate intervention in food supplies, clean drinking water, emergency shelter or sanitation many people would have struggled to survive.

    The BReaD Network was able to contribute over $180,000 to the response. We worked through a number of Christian organisations to support communities as they rebuild their lives. In the initial weeks, our partners were able to provide emergency food and shelter. Now, through clearing garden plots, training on food preservation and support of cyclone-resistant house construction communities are building their resilience and preparedness for the next cyclone season.

    Reports and Updates (click to view):

  • picture courtesy of: FEBAC-SS

    South Sudan: Conflict, 2015

    Africa, Conflict

    Layer 1

    South Sudan: Conflict, 2015

    Category: Africa, Conflict

    Conflict within South Sudan has caused the displacement of many people from their homes. Many of the displaced persons have been accommodated in UN camps and IDP camps within South Sudan, while others managed to cross into Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda where they are living in refugee camps. Some attempted to cross over into Kenya, however, fighting at their destination prevented them from staying.

    This resulted in a large number of IDPs camping at a church compound near the South Sudan – Kenya border. With little shelter or food, there was a danger of malnutrition for those most vulnerable.

    The BReaD Network was able to respond through the local Baptist convention enabling them to provide 600 families with relief kits that included mosquito nets, blankets, cooking utensils etc. 300 families with young children at risk of malnutrition were also provided with a nutrition supplement.

What is the Baptist Relief and Development Network  (BReaD)?


For some years, various global Baptist agencies have sought to demonstrate the love of God in the world’s most vulnerable places through ‘holistic’ or ‘integral’ mission. This is a complex task which requires an array of skills, partner networks, coordination and resources. The demands of donor constituencies have become ever greater and donor recipient communities rightly demand partnerships that result in measurable change. Arguably, in the most fragile, hard to reach and disaster affected places, no single Baptist agency is fully equipped to adequately meet the demands associated with the supply and demand of humanitarian intervention or integral mission.


Following a series of discussions emerging from the BWAid, BReaD was formed. BReaD is a network of Baptist agencies committed to collaboration, sharing of resources and contacts in order to ensure effective integral mission is achieved through adequately capacitated partners in vulnerable places. BReaD agencies are committed to improving each other’s mission, and ultimately leveraging far greater results in addressing poverty as Christians and as Baptists together. For some BReaD agencies they will have strengths in programming, for others capacity strengthening, others will be experts in mobilising financial resources and others will have strong presence on the ground.


BReaD has a steering group and a small facilitation hub in the UK but otherwise BReaD’s strength lies in the sum of its member agencies and friends. In a given intervention, the agency with the appropriate mandate and the most appropriate partner links on the ground will become the lead agency on behalf of the Network.


Since its tentative start in January 2015, BReaD has already responded to major sudden onset disasters in Vanuatu and Nepal with combined responses of $2 million. BReaD has also responded with religious liberty advocacy in response to the Nepal constitution and sought to assist displaced people in the complex humanitarian emergency of South Sudan.


Collectively, BReaD aims to create a platform for effective ministry in the following areas:

  • Disaster relief and recovery
  • Long-term sustainable transformative development
  • Advocacy at all levels from local to governmental and multinational on issues pertaining to poverty and justice
  • Theological discipleship on poverty and justice
  • Communities of sharing and practice on church engagement, fundraising, and programming best practice.


For information regarding the BReaD Network, it’s responses or other queries, please contact:


BReaD Network Facilitator: rconway@bmsworldmission.org


Please note this page is currently under construction, further participants will be added and alterations made in due course.

The BReaD Network is a coordinating mechanism of Baptist relief and development agencies from around the world. Currently the following organisations have been involved as participants:



American Baptist International Ministries


American Baptist International Ministries works cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to proclaim, through both word and deed, God’s reign of justice, peace and abundant life for all creation.

Click here for their website


Asia Pacific Baptist Aid


On behalf of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation:

– Provide aid and relief to persons and communities throughout the region

– Give support to plans and advocacy for the development of the region in ways which will improve the quality of life

– Represent the Federation in Baptist World Aid and other relief organisations

– Build the capacity of members of the Federation engaged in aid and relief

Click here for their website

BMS World Mission Square

BMS World Mission


BMS World Mission is a Christian mission organisation, working in around 35 countries on four continents. From legal work to surgery, food projects to education, BMS works with local partners, providing help where it is most needed, among the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world.

Click here to see their website


Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


CBF is a Christian Network that helps people put their faith to practice through ministry efforts, global missions and a broad community of support.The Fellowship’s mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission

Click here to see their website

CBM (3)

Canadian Baptist Ministries


CBM is a global mission organization committed to sharing God’s love through word and deed. We believe that God brings healing to a broken world through local churches. With over 140 years of experience, we have seen that words and deeds intertwined in Christian community work together to bear witness to God’s transforming grace. Together in partnership, we seek to bring hope, healing and reconciliation to all people.

Click here to see their website

CDC (2)

Centro de Desarrollo Communitario


CDC is a non-profit organisation providing services to the community in Ecuador, particularly groups of children, teenagers, and older adults.

Click here to see their website

Dutch Baptists

Unie van Baptistengemeenten in Nederland


The Baptist Churches that make up the Union live in the revelation of God, as it came to them through the Bible. Their members profess, according to Scripture, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Head of the churches and the Lord of the world; whom they have accepted as their Saviour and Lord and are baptised on the profession of faith.

Click here to see their website


European Baptist Aid


The EBAid Consortium’s purpose is to build capacity in running aid and development projects in the EBF region as well as to co-ordinate a response to the requests for help which we receive from Baptist Unions and churches in Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. We see this as a practical way in which we can express the love of Christ for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people with whom our churches come into contact.

Click here to see their website


European Baptist Ministries International


The goal of our collective mission is to provide aid to people in spiritual and material need. This work is performed in close collaboration with our partner churches abroad. We work in seven countries in Africa, India – and five countries in Latin America.

Click here to see their website

GBAid (2)

German Baptist Aid


Click here to see their website


Multipurpose Community Development Service


MCDS works in the areas of various development projects and this work is carried out under the legal approval of Government of Nepal in areas of need and in partnership with community, VDC/LPO/CBO, funding partners and stakeholders. All individuals are given equal value and irrespective of their gender, caste, religious or social status.

Click here to see their website


North American Baptist Fellowship


The mission of NABF has two foci:

1. To promote fellowship and collaboration among Baptists in North America.

2. To further the aims and objectives of the Baptist World Alliance so far as these affect the life of Baptist churches in North America.

Click here to see their website


North Carolina Baptist Men


At NC Baptist Men/Baptists On Mission (NCBM) our vision is “Every Christian sharing God’s love with hurting people through word and deed”. There are 17 different ministries of NCBM. We believe that all Christians are called, gifted and sent. Our desire is to help churches involve their members (women, men and students) in missions and ministry in Jesus’ name.

NCBM is an auxiliary to the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Click here to see their website


Baptist Respond24


The main goal of Baptist Respond24 is providing search and rescue, emergency medical assistance, aid, relief, humanitarian and spiritual assistance for the needy, vulnerable, socially outcast in order to ease their difficult situation, striving to create an opportunity for a more humane life to live, regardless of nationality, race, religion, political or social affiliation of the beneficiaries.

Click here to see their website

TAI (3)

Transform Aid International


We envisage of a world where poverty has ended and all people enjoy fullness of life. We believe this is God’s heart for every person on the planet and we praise God as this becomes a reality for children, families and communities around the world. We partner with local Christian organisations across the developing world to empower communities living in poverty. Baptist World Aid Australia is a member of the Transform Aid International Group.

Click here to see their website


Baptist General Convention of Texas

Texan Baptists 

The Baptist General Convention of Texas encourages, facilitates and connects churches in their work to fulfill God’s mission of reconciling the world to himself.

Click here to see their website

Virginian Baptists

Baptist General Association of Virginia


The Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) is a cooperative missions and ministry organization that consists of over 1,400 autonomous churches. Geography does not limit churches from joining the mission and vision of the BGAV.  The ministries of the BGAV are coordinated through the staff who work through five ministry teams who work alongside churches to help them be more effective in their ministries.

Click here to see their website


The Fellowship


The Fellowship is a voluntary association of churches. Membership in The Fellowship requires that each church be in agreement with The Fellowship’s Statement of Faith. Other than this basic requirement, Fellowship churches enjoy a great measure of independence. Ties are formed through relationships, rather than lines of authority. Beyond the local church, ministry within The Fellowship happens at three levels: National, Ministries, Regional.

Click here to see their website

Wilberforce (2)

21st Century Wilberforce Initiative


Our vision is to create a world where religious freedom is embraced as a universal right. The leadership speaks from a distinctly Christian perspective while working on behalf of all individuals regardless of religion, belief, ethnicity, or location. We believe that large networks of empowered advocates can turn this tide, resulting in the protection of religious communities, the release of the wrongfully imprisoned, and the reform of harmful policies.

Click here to see their website